Provillus for women and Provillus fo men Really Works!!


How will Provillus help you?

provillus for women - provillusIf your having hair loss then Provillus is for you. Hair loss has always been a great source of concern among a good number of women. Various studies have shown that an adult has about 100,000 to 150,000 hairs and the hair loss will be around 100 to 130 per day. Substantial deviation from these numbers for a prolonged period of time can lead to baldness

Great amount of hair loss creates more panic in women than men and a lot of hair loss products are available with unrealistic claims as well. That is where the importance of an impartial assessment of this product comes in.

Hair loss occurs due to various reasons and the most prominent reasons include hormone variations, heredity, unhealthy diet, poor hair care, illness, and stress. The makers of Provillus for women are of the opinion that this product will addresses all the hair loss issues in an effective manner.

It can be described as an herbal hair loss treatment with two-way approach. The first one is the tropical solution containing Minoxidil and it should be used two times a day. The second part is the capsules containing biotin, magnesium oxide,Vitamin B6, and a blend of horsetail silica and para-amino benzoic acid.

The capsules will have to be consumed two times a day as well. The remarkable aspect about this product is the fact that it prevents hair loss and at the same time, it helps the hair to re-grow as well. Minoxidil, an important ingredient of the tropical cream has the FDA approval and this aspect brings great amount of credibility to this product. This is a simple and easy treatment that can be done at home with great amount of ease and comfort as well.

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Provillus for women and Provillus for men – THE PROS:

1) This product can be purchased for a modest price and various packages and free gifts are being offered to the customers.

2) The company offers money back guarantee up to 90 days. This aspect indicates the tremendous confidence of the makers in their product.

3) Follicle repair assumes great significance in hair loss treatment and the rich ingredients of Provillus enhances hair follicle growth.

4) This product addresses the issue of female and male pattern baldness in the best possible manner.

5) The hair is made of a fibrous structural protein known as keratin and it ensures the proper supply of this protein.

6) Completely natural ingredients of this product do not invite any side effects.

7) It controls the hormone levels in the body of women and men in the best manner.

Provillus Reviews The Cons:

1) There is a minor possibility for scalp irritation for a short period of time.

2) It is a gradual process and the results will be evident only after three to six months.

3) Hair loss due to certain medications and cancer treatment cannot be addressed with  provillusthis product.



The customer reviews about this product has always been really encouraging and according Ronald. G. White, it should always be given as Mother Day’s gift because it delivers outstanding results.

Lori. W, another ardent fan of Provillus is of the opinion that this unique product has brought back all her lost hair within a period of 5 months. The real quality of this hair loss product can be identified from all these testimonials.


The cost of hair transplantation or surgery will all always be very high and at the same time, they do not guarantee hundred percent successes as well. As far as any product is concerned, the ultimate success can be evaluated on the basis of the opinions of the existing customers and it is not an exception.

The feedbacks from the existing users clearly suggest that this product brings great benefits and according to them, the product has redefined the concept of hair loss treatment. When it was first introduced in the market a good number people were a bit apprehensive because of the availability of so many substandard products.

This unique product has survived all those challenges within a short period of time and the quality of the product has played the most important role in making it the market leader. The increasing positive responses of the existing users reassert this aspect without any doubt and the recent trends indicate that the popularity of Provillus for women and Provillus for men is going to reach new heights within a short span of time as well.

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